CFI Practice Exams

At CFI, we offer practice exams for each certification program, which we encourage our learners to take to prepare for the final exam.

Practice exams:

  • tell you which topics you have and have not mastered
  • encourage you to focus future learning on weak areas
  • give you a sense of confidence
  • help you earn a high score on the first attempt of the final exam

How to Access Practice Exams ^

Once you've finished all program requirements, the practice exam will become available for you to take.

You can locate the practice exam by going to Catalog > Certifications > click the program name > click Try practice exam.

Trying the practice exam

While the practice exam is not as long and testing as the final exam, it's still recommended to find a quiet place with a strong internet connection to increase your focus.

Reviewing the Results of Your Practice Exam ^

Once you finish your practice exams, you can review your results by going to Catalog > Certifications > click the program name > click Try Practice Exam > Test Results.

Viewing the test results

You can see and download the Respondent Tag Analysis for each practice exam you attempted under this certification.

The Respondant Tag Analysis will show you the areas in which you should improve and the areas you did well.

Respondent Tag Analysis example

You may want to check out our FMVA final exam study tips and BIDA final exam study tips for extra pointers on what to study and how to do well on the practice and final exams.


How Many Times Can I Take the Practice Exam?

You have unlimited attempts at the final exam and a respondent tag analysis is generated for every attempt.

Is a New Version Generated for Each Attempt?

While our practice exams include a variety of versions, versions are not unlimited. You may get the same version of the practice exam twice, depending on how many times you take it.

Is the Practice Exam available for all certifications?

The practice exam is available for all certifications that have a final exam, including the FMVA, BIDA, CMSA, and CBCA.

What are the Requirements to Unlock the Practice Exam?

You must complete the program requirements to unlock the practice exam. Each program has its own requirements, and you can refer to the specifics below:

Can I See My Correct and Incorrect Answers for Each Question?

To protect the integrity of our practice exams, it is not possible to get such a detailed report.

If you notice scoring low in a specific area, let's use Excel as an example, it is recommended you go through the course material focused on Excel offered in the program.

If you are a Full-Immersion member, you can also submit your practice exam report through the "Ask a Question" feature on your dashboard. The program specialists will provide materials to enhance your knowledge.

Once you're ready to take the final exam, follow these steps!