Resume & Cover Letter Review

Getting an interview can be the hardest part of the job application process! Exclusive to Full-Immersion members, submit your resume/CV and cover letter for review by our expert staff. You'll receive clear feedback and tips on how to make your documents stand out.

Submitting a CV & Cover Letter for Feedback

How do I submit my resume and cover letter?

To submit a CV & Cover Letter for feedback, log in to your dashboard, navigate to "Full-Immersion Tools" on the left-hand toolbar, and select "CV & Cover Letter Feedback."

Enter the following required information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Questions
  • Word File Upload

Click 'Submit Resume & Cover Letter'.

CV & Cover Letter Feedback Timeframe

How long will it take to review my resume and cover letter?

Please allow up to seven working days for one of our qualified, in-house financial analysts to provide comprehensive feedback.

Full-Immersion customers may submit one resume and cover letter for review per month.

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