May 2024 Course Releases

Below is a summary of all the new learning content we released in May 2024.

Course Title Program/Topic What You'll Learn
AI for Excel Formulas BIDA How to build AI into your Excel workflow to stay at the forefront of technology and become a more efficient analyst.
Introduction to Bank Valuation FMVA How to build a dividend discount model, a residual income model, mark a bank’s balance sheet to market value and discuss comparable valuation.
FP&A for New Analysts FP&A Critical thinking and analysis skills necessary to become a world-class FP&A professional. We will also discuss how you can brand yourself as the go-to analyst for the best opportunities and position yourself for early success, promotion, and an amazingly lucrative career.
FP&A Professional Model Build & Configuration FP&A How to build an FP&A model to monitor monthly data, adjust forecasts, and compare to the budget forecast.
Lifecycle of a Trade CMSA Increase your understanding of the trade lifecycle by identifying all the participants, understanding trade initiation and execution, comparing different market mechanisms, and describing confirmation, clearing, and settlement processes.

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