CBCA® | Program Overview

CFI’s Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA®) Certification Program propels your commercial lending career with essential skills for starting or advancing a commercial lending career. Learn advanced underwriting for more profitable deals through our purpose-built curriculum, offering 50+ banking courses, case studies, and a resource library with financial models and risk assessment tools.

This comprehensive program supports growth in roles like commercial banker, credit analyst, risk manager, or private lender, covering financial analysis, credit structuring, and qualitative skills such as management and industry analysis, effective business and credit writing, and sales and relationship management. Elevate your career as a world-class commercial lending professional with CFI's CBCA® Certification Program.

Skills You'll Gain

Financial Analysis, Credit Structure, Documentation, Business Analysis, Credit Risk, Industry Analysis, and more.

CBCA Certifications are great for Commercial Lending, Credit Analysis, Risk Management, Credit Auditing, Rating Agencies, Real Estate Lending, and more.

To enroll in the CBCA Certification Program, you must have an active Self-Study or Full-Immersion Subscription. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

No additional fees are required to earn your certification once you've enrolled.

CBCA Certification Requirements

Please click here and select "How it Works" to learn more about the requirements for earning your CBCA certification.

First and foremost: Sign the CFI Honor Pledge - Program candidates must sign and abide by the CFI Honor Pledge to receive and maintain program certification. Failure to abide by the CFI Honor Pledge will result in the revocation of one's certificates.

  • Step 1: Prep Courses (optional). Choose from the optional prep courses to learn or review the fundamentals.
  • Step 2: Core Courses and Case Studies. Complete 16 core courses to build your commercial banking and credit analyst skill set.
  • Step 3: Elective Courses. Choose at least three elective courses to master more advanced topics and specialized lending concepts.
  • Step 4: Case Study Challenges (optional): Apply your knowledge and skills by solving real-world problems.
  • Step 4: Final Exam. 80% in each course assessment must be achieved to qualify for the final exam. Once complete, take the final exam and earn your certification. A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the final exam.
  • Step 5: Get CBCA® Certified! After completing the program, you will receive a blockchain-verified digital certificate with your new credentials.

CBCA Duration & Delivery Method

Lectures, study materials, and exams are all online and accessible worldwide, allowing the program to be completed anytime on a self-paced timeline. 

The estimated time needed to complete the CBCA Certification program is 150-200 hours.

CBCA Career Paths

The BIDA™ certification teaches students how to draw descriptive and predictive insights from data. Students will learn how to apply business intelligence and quantitative analysis techniques to financial data through applied examples and case studies.

Some common career paths include the following:

  • Risk Manager & Credit Adjudicator: Assess and approve bank and financial institution transactions.
  • Commercial Loan Broker: Analyze and package deals more effectively to facilitate quicker turnarounds and better client terms.
  • Private Lender: Work with capital providers and family offices to underwrite more effective credit transactions, including commercial real estate financing and asset-based lending.
  • Credit Analyst: Expand your knowledge and expertise to work in corporate or commercial banking and rating agencies.
  • Commercial Loan Officer: Work with owner-operators and C-level executives on behalf of financial institutions to manage borrowing.

Review our interactive career map for additional information about career paths.

CBCA Frequently Asked Questions

I took the course assessment more than once; what score will this record on my transcript?

  • We offer unlimited attempts on the course assessments. Your transcript will show a PASS or a FAIL for each test score.
Why is the total video time different than the number of course hours?
  • The hours included in the course description are the average study hours, including the time to watch lectures, download files, complete the exercises & assessments, etc.

Can I extend the 3 hours of the CBCA® final exam?

  • No, there are no extensions to exam duration - the final exam must be completed within three hours. There is no option to pause the timer once you have started.

Can I take more than three elective courses?

  • Yes, of course! You may take as many electives as you'd like. There is no additional cost to take more than three.
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