CFI Content Catalog Overview

CFI's Content Catalog consists of individual courses, specialization programs, certification programs, curated role-based learning paths, and more. All are designed to be taken at a self-paced speed, allowing our learners to learn on their terms.

The content catalog is sortable and filterable on a variety of different criteria:

  • Topic
  • Associated program (BIDA, CMSA, CBCA, FMVA, FTIP, FMVA)
  • Difficulty Level (1-5)
  • Your progress (Not started, In progress, Completed)
  • Whether or not the course is available for free
  • Toggle to NASBA CPE Accredited courses only

You can also use the search bar to enter specific names or keywords.

Once you have started a course, you can also easily access courses in progress by clicking "My Learning Journey" on the left-hand navigation bar and selecting "In-Progress Courses."

To curate your own list of courses, click "save course" at the bottom of any course page. That saved list will then appear under "Saved Courses & Notes"


Courses serve as the building blocks of CFI's training platform. Each course has been created by an instructor with years of real-world experience in banking and finance. As collections of video lessons, quizzes, exams, and templates, courses build knowledge and job-ready proficiencies through practical skill application.

CFI offers courses on over 180 banking and finance topics. They're great when you need to learn new skills, brush up on a concept, or fit in some quick learning.

When you finish a course, you'll receive a certificate of completion that you can share with the CFI community directly on LinkedIn or on other social media platforms.


What are CFI Certification Programs?

Certification Programs are expertly curated, sector-focused collections of CFI content designed to develop important skills for today's in-demand banking and finance roles. Each Certification Program builds the knowledge and skills essential for success—whether you’re striving for career advancement or landing your first job. Once you complete a Certification Program, you’ll be eligible to sit for one of CFI’s industry-recognized exams. Earning a CFI Certification lets others know that you are skilled and job-ready.

Starting and completing a Certification Program is the most popular choice among CFI learners and the best way to advance your skills and grow professionally.


What are CFI Specialization Programs?

Specialization Programs are expertly curated collections of CFI content that deepen or add to your areas of expertise and build topically focused knowledge on a specific subject. They cover high-demand topics in banking and finance, such as ESG, Data Analysis in Excel, Cryptocurrency, Commercial Real Estate, and more.

Once completed, you'll have a verified certificate to showcase your specialized skills. Specializations don't include a final exam and typically are shorter in length than a Certification Program.

Role-Based Learning Paths

What are CFI's Role-Based Learning Paths?

CFI's Role-Based Learning Paths are tailored courses designed to enhance your skills in specific finance and banking roles. From sell-side and buy-side firms to FP&A and wealth management, these paths cover over 20 roles, each curated to address the unique needs of each position.

Without a final exam and with a verified certificate upon completion, you'll efficiently master your chosen domain. Perfect for anyone looking to advance their career, these paths offer a direct route to becoming a role-ready expert in the finance industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take multiple courses at the same time?

  • Yes, absolutely! You can work on as many courses, certifications, and specializations at a time as you'd like.

How do I enroll?

  • For more information on getting started with CFI, click here.

Have additional questions about CFI's content catalog? Send us an email at [email protected].

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