Change My Personal Account Information

You can change your name, email, and password directly from your Student Dashboard.


Change in Name and/or Email ID

Go to My Account > Profile > Settings - Personal Information >  make the necessary changes > click 'Save Changes'

Make sure your name on your profile is your legal name as we will use this information on your certificates.

Note: Any change in name on an already issued certificate needs to be submitted through the name change request for security reasons.

When changing your email, kindly use your personal, work, or school email. We suggest using an email that you'll always have access to and that you check frequently.

Change in Password

Go to My Account > Settings > Password >  make the change > click 'Change Password'

Note: This change in password is only applicable if you can successfully log in to your account but want to change the password. If you are unable to log in or have forgotten your password, please see this guide on signing in.

Change in Billing Account Information

You may also add/or remove your credit card details from My Account > Billing > My Credit Card > add or delete.

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