Rewatching Video Lectures

All of our courses and programs are self-paced and accessible online, giving you the flexibility to take the courses at your own time, and the option to re-watch completed courses.

As long as you have access to the course materials, you can watch the video lectures from your dashboard.

To re-watch a video lecture:

1. Log-in to your student account and go to the program that the course is included in, e.g. re-watching Building a 3 Statement Financial Model course which is part of the FMVA program, by going to Courses > My Courses > filter by Programs > then click on the program name

If the course is part of a Specialization, then filter by Bundles. 

You can also search for the course under the All Courses section.

2. This will load the program page that lists all the courses included in the program, as well as the steps to earn the certification. Click on the course name that you wish to re-watch the lectures of.

3. Click on 'Resume Course' to go to the lessons 

4. From the left-hand side, you can select any of the course lessons that you would like to review. Once you click on one of the lesson, the video lecture should automatically play on your screen. 

The succeeding lessons will play unless stopped manually.

Looking to reset the overall course progress?

While you can re-watch the lessons any time, the course progress remains saved. However, you do have the option to reset the progress altogether and mark all lessons pending for completion anew.

If you wish to proceed, send us an email at [email protected] to help