How to Troubleshoot Video Loading Issues

We understand technical issues can be frustrating. This guide will walk you through how to troubleshoot issues with loading video lessons on the CFI website.

We recommend reviewing our basic troubleshooting guide and following the steps below.

Troubleshooting Frozen Videos

My video lesson is frozen. How do I unfreeze it?

Frozen videos are most commonly caused by a poor internet connection, browser extensions, or a cache issue. We recommend trying the steps below to resolve the issue you are experiencing.

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Browsers save some information from websites in their cache and cookies. Clearing them can fix problems like loading issues.
  • Switch browsers or use private/incognito mode. If this fixes the problem, it usually means a browser add-on or extension was causing the issue. You can disable all extensions at once or disable them individually to help identify the problematic extension.

Troubleshooting Website Formatting Issues

If you see the CFI website displayed like in the example below, JavaScript is likely disabled in your browser. To enable JavaScript, follow the steps outlined in this article.

Example of Formatting Issues

Troubleshooting the "This Video Cannot Be Played" Error Message

The "This video cannot be played" error message (Error code 23011) is typically encountered by Windows users when attempting to play a video in their browser from an embedded JW player. 

We recommend following the steps outlined in this article to resolve this issue.

Error Code 23011

Still experiencing video load issues?

Email us at [email protected]. Including the steps you have already taken, screenshots of the error, and a link to the course you are experiencing issues with will help us promptly investigate and resolve any issues on our side.
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