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Welcome to CFI! We're delighted you have chosen us as your partner on your journey to build your finance and banking skillset. This article contains a detailed overview of everything you can access through your CFI Learner Dashboard. We're excited for you to jump in and start exploring!

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Video Walkthrough

Click play below for a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on navigating the CFI Learner Dashboard.

My Account


Opening "Profile" from the My Account dropdown menu at the top left of your screen will take you to an overview of your CFI profile. Here, you'll see Insights about the courses you've taken, certificates earned, hours spent learning, and total time spent watching CFI videos. You'll also see your achievements and progress on the courses you're currently learning.


Click Settings at the top left of your profile page to review/update your personal information, billing details, and password management. We encourage you to upload a photo so your fellow learners can see who they're engaging with in the CFI Community!

⚠️ Please contact our support team if you need to change the email address associated with your CFI subscription.


Here, you'll see important updates from CFI directly on your dashboard.

Night Mode

Click the crescent moon icon at the top of your dashboard to enable night mode. This can ease the strain on your eyes when studying in a dark area.

My Dashboard

Your dashboard is the first page you will see when you log in. This page provides quick access to continue courses previously started, a glimpse at newly published courses, and insights about your learning activity and achievements.

You can also explore our skills assessments here, which will help determine where to start your learning journey.

My Learning Journey

Opening the "My Learning Journey" drop-down from the left-hand navigation menu will show you the following:

In-Progress Courses

Click on "In-Progress Courses" to see a list of all courses you've engaged with. The course you most recently accessed will always be listed at the top for easy access. You can also view the completion percentage for each course and pick up where you left off.

Saved Courses & Notes

You can create a personalized list of interesting courses by clicking the "Save Course" button at the bottom right of any course page. Each course you save will be listed on this page.

You can also create and save notes on all individual video lessons. All saved notes can be viewed below or downloaded for offline use and study. You can search for specific notes using a keyword and/or filter by program to make it easier to find what you want.

Transcripts & Certificates

This page contains all course certificates of completion. Click to "view" a certificate, which you can share, download, or post directly on LinkedIn. After completion, certificates may take up to 24 hours to appear.

You'll also see all Certification and Specialization completion certificates on their respective pages.

CFI online courses are verifiable CPE/CPD credits for CPAs and other accounting designation holders. You'll retrieve your CPE certificates here to earn your credits. Check out these articles for more information about CPE/CPD credits through CFI.

Detailed completed Certification Program and Specialization transcripts, including a list of all course names and exam results, can be viewed and downloaded from this page as well.

Course Catalog

Open the course catalog to see all the learning content available through your CFI subscription. You can view the entire course catalog or click on Certifications, Specializations, or Role-Based Learning paths to narrow your results.

All courses/programs can also be filtered by topic, program, difficulty level, learning status, and whether or not they're CPE Accredited.

CFI Community

To visit CFI's exclusive, members-only community, select Community from the left-hand navigation menu. This will open a new page where you can engage with like-minded learners, ask questions, and share! We ask that you be kind and respectful, stay on topic, and not share any assessment answers.

We're incredibly excited to make this community available to our members—we encourage you to have fun, be social, form relationships, and take advantage of everything this growing platform offers.

Training Tools

Click the Training Tools dropdown to reveal our hands-on, real-world learning tools. Here, you can explore our templates—a collection of downloadable Excel files and PDF guides designed to be used on the job. Each Template is prebuilt with sample data and formulas.

Skills assessments are great for learners who aren't exactly sure where to begin their learning journey. Take any one of our available assessments to gauge your skill level, identify where you may have skill gaps, and enroll in the courses/programs CFI suggests based on your results.

Case Study Challenges are also accessible through this list. Each Case Study Challenge provides a scenario, materials, and tasks to complete. After completing all tasks, compare your solution/answers to the video debrief/answer key so you can self-grade your work and understand any opportunities for improvement!

Full-Immersion Tools*

Partnership Deals

We partner with industry leaders to bring discounts and free trials as part of your Full-Immersion subscription.

Ask an Expert

Full-Immersion learners may submit up to five questions per week. When using this feature, please indicate the course name, module, lesson, and video timestamp, and be as clear and specific with your question as possible.

Due to the high volume of questions we receive, our average response time can be up to 24 hours.

Financial Model Feedback

We provide feedback on your CFI coursework-related financial models! Click on "Financial Model Feedback" from the left-hand navigation menu, complete the required fields, and click submit. We're here to help you in the classroom and on the job!

CV & Cover Letter Feedback

You can obtain a comprehensive review of your résumé from one of our in-house financial analysts. Just fill in the required fields for this section and receive honest feedback on your skills and experience from experts who know the industry. 

These tools are only accessible to learners who have purchased a Full-Immersion Subscription. Check out these articles for more information about the benefits of a FI Subscription.

Help Center

Click on the Help Center link to open our comprehensive library of how-to articles, program overviews, exam study tips and tricks, and more. You can also search for articles using the orange 🔍 Help bubble at the bottom left of your dashboard.

Not finding what you're looking for in the Help Center? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you're looking for so we can ensure our articles contain all the information you need to be successful.

Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Help Center Suggestion." We'll review and make updates as needed!

What's New

Click "What's New" at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu to open a new window outlining everything new at CFI. You can toggle between Dashboard Features, where you'll see all our improvements and additions to the learning dashboard, and Courses, which will show you all the new content we've released recently.

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