Retrieving your Course Completion Certificate

All of our courses come with free digital certificates of completion that do not expire. To earn a CFI certificate, students must:

  1. Enroll in any certificate-level course
  2. Download the included Excel files
  3. Complete all of the video-based lessons
  4. Complete the exercises in your downloaded Excel files
  5. Pass all of the final assessments with an 80% grade (you can always retake the course assessments)
  6. Make sure that all of the sections in the course are marked with green checkmarks

If you've done the above, and the course certificate still isn't showing, it's likely you've missed completing a section in a module. See a sample of an incomplete course below:

Please ensure you go through every module on the left and make sure every check is marked green. If it's still grey, click the Complete and Continue button on the bottom right. By doing this, you'll mark the section complete. 

Once all the lessons are completed, your certificate will be issued shortly after. You can view this directly from your dashboard by going to: Courses >  Transcripts & Certificates as illustrated below:

Note: For program certificates, click the program tab beside "All Courses." 

We issue free digital certificates that you may print on your own, however, we also provide an option for ordering a custom printed certificate for your FMVA®, CBCA®, CMSA®, or BIDA™.

The cost of your physical certificate is $97 USD and includes the cost of processing, printing, and shipping the certificate to your location. All of our orders provide tracking and insurance to offer you fast and reliable delivery service.

Certificates are printed in high quality, large size certificate paper that measures 11.0 x 14.0 inches.

You can order physical certificates from your dashboard:  Courses > My Courses > click on the program name > click Order Physical Certificate.