Creating & Managing Groups

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Setting up a new Group
Adding a Group Manager & Learners
Adding Learners to existing Groups
Assigning a Learning Path to a Group

Setting up a new Group  ^

To create a new group, first click the ‘ People’ tab on the left and then click ‘Groups.’ Once under Groups, click ‘Create New Group’ on the top right side which will prompt you to give the Group a name, click Save Changes

Adding a Group Manager & Learners ^

If needed, a Manager can be assigned to each Group using the drop-down arrow and selecting ‘ Add’. Next, select ‘Learners’ and use the drop-down arrow to choose the learners that you would like to be part of that group. 

Once done, click “ Back to [Group Name]” at the top of the screen. This will bring you back to the Group where you will see group members, separated by Managers and Learners.

Adding Learners to Existing Groups ^

To add new members to a Group that was set up previously, click into the Group that you have created and click ‘ Manage Group Members’.  Here you will be prompted to select a user from the drop-down arrow, then click ‘Add.’

Assigning a Learning Path to a Group ^

At the bottom of the Group page, specific Learning Paths can be assigned to the group by clicking ‘ Assign New Learning Path.’ You will then be prompted to choose from one of our preset Learning Paths or any available Custom Learning Path. Once selected, the learning path will appear on the Learner’s dashboard.