How to Use Groups

Below are how-to guides on leveraging Groups as a CFI for Teams Admin. To access your organization’s groups, select the “People” tab on the left-hand admin navigation bar, then click on the Groups tab.

Benefits of Groups

What are CFI for Teams groups?

CFI for Team’s Groups feature is designed to help you organize your learners however will best suit your needs. This could be by department, manager, job title, or shared training initiative. Creating groups and assigning a manager and specific content allows you to monitor progress, track engagement, and report on metrics more granularly.

Creating a Group

How do I create a group?

From the Groups tab (found under “People” on the admin navigation bar), click the ‘Create New Group’ button in the top right-hand corner of your Admin dashboard. This will prompt you to name the group and then save to continue setup.

Once your group has been created, you can add learners and managers and assign specific courses or learning paths by clicking the “Manage Group” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Adding Members to Groups

How do I add learners to a group?

After creating your group, you can add learners to it from the manage group tab. You may also choose to assign the group a manager or managers using the Managers tab. Managers will be able to monitor engagement and report on progress for any group they are assigned to.

Removing Learners from Groups

How do I remove a learner from a group?

To remove a learner from a group, click the trash can icon in line with their name and email address. Please note this will not unlicense them. Please click here for more information on removing a learner from your account.

Assigning Content to a Group

How do I assign content to a group?

Individual Courses or entire Learning Paths can be assigned to each group. Open up the group you wish to assign content to, click “Manage Group,” and select the Learning Path or Course tab. Each page will allow you to assign one or more pieces of content to the selected group by choosing from the picklist dropdown and clicking “Add.”

Archiving + Deleting a Group

How do I delete a group?

If a group is no longer needed, you may archive or delete it from your admin dashboard. Toggle the “Archive Group” button from the group settings tab and click Save Changes. This can be undone if you need to reactivate it in the future. To fully delete the group, after archiving it, click “Delete Group,” and it will no longer appear on your dashboard. This cannot be undone.

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