Courses and Learning Paths

Below are our how-to guides for creating & managing learning paths and assigning CFI training material to learners. These options are accessible through the “Courses” tab on the left-hand admin navigation menu.

Creating a Custom Learning Path 

How do I create a learning path?

Click ‘Create New Learning Path’ to create a custom learning path’. Choose a name for the Custom Learning Path, then click ‘Create Learning Path’. The best practice to quickly locate your learning path from this screen after you create it is to prefix the name with a number, i.e., “1 - CFI Onboarding Courses.”

You can further customize your Learning Path by uploading a logo or image that will be displayed when viewing all Learning Paths on the “Courses” tab. Drag and drop the file of your choice into the “Image” box beneath the name of your Learning Path.

Next, choose the courses you want to include in your Learning Path. You can scroll through the entire library to make your selections or use the search bar to narrow down the results displayed. The course catalog can be filtered by Program, Topic, or Difficulty and sorted by course Name, Duration, or Difficulty Level.

Once you have selected all the courses you’d like to include, click “confirm selection,” then “Back” to return to the manage Learning Path page.

Managing Learning Path Content

How do I edit a Learning Path?

After selecting your courses, you can reorder or remove content from the “Courses” tab within your Learning Path. Drag and drop courses in the order you want them to appear to learners. To remove content from your Path, click the trash bin icon.

Assigning a Learning Path 

How do I assign a Learning Path?

From within the Manage Learning Path tab, you can assign the Path to individuals or groups of learners. Select the “Learners” tab and use the drop-down picklist to select who you want to assign, then click “Add.” You can toggle between views of your predefined Groups or individual learners based on your target audience.

Click the “Include additional message” link and enter your notes to include a customized message to the assigned learners. This will be included when they receive notification of their assigned content.

Removing Learners from a Learning Path

How do I remove a student from a Learning Path?

After assigning your Learning Path to groups or individuals, you’ll see the overall progress, number of courses completed, time spent, video watch time, and exam score of each assignee. To unassign content from a particular learner, click the trash bin icon in line with their username and progress.

Assigning an Individual Course

How do I assign an individual course?

Individual Courses can also be assigned to individuals or Groups outside of a Learning Path. Select "Course Directory" to open the entire course catalog, then browse for the course you wish to assign.

You can search for a topic or specific course name and filter based on what Learning Path that course is part of, Difficulty level, and Topics.

Once you have located the course you want to assign, click "Assign to Learner ➡️." Then, select the Learner or Group you wish to assign and click the "Add" button. To unassign a course from a learner, click the trash bin icon in line with their username and progress.

Deleting a Custom Learning Path

How do I delete a learning path?

To delete a learning path, navigate to the “Settings” tab within the Path you want to delete. Acknowledge that once this action is taken, it cannot be undone, then click “Delete Learning Path.”

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