FMVA® Final Exam

The FMVA® final exam is a requirement for earning the FMVA® certification and designation. It aims to increase the integrity of the certification and make it more valuable to potential employers. 

Below, you will find all the information you need to feel confident about taking the FMVA final exam and passing it.

Exam Details

  • Exam structure: 50 multiple-choice questions including Excel modeling case studies, drawn from a randomized question bank.
  • Exam location: The exam is online and does not need to be scheduled. You may take it from your home or any quiet place.
  • Exam length: 3 hours with a timer
  • Exam content: The exam covers the content from the core and prep courses. Content from elective courses will not be covered.
  • Exam results availability: Students will receive their results immediately after completing the exam.
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Eligibility: The exam can be accessed upon completion of 13 core courses and 3 or more electives.
  • Number of attempts: One attempt
  • Retaking the Exam: Learners who do not pass the exam will have to wait for one month until they can attempt the final exam again. Each additional exam attempt follows the same process. Students who have already passed the exam are not allowed to retake the exam again. An active subscription is required at the time of the final exam and all retakes.
  • How to prepare: Review the course videos, prep courses, materials, exercises, and case studies. Take the FMVA® practice exam and check out these FMVA final exam study tips.
  • Practice exams: Students may take an unlimited number of practice exams before challenging the official exam.

The final exam will also be available and optional to all existing FMVA® certification holders and students who have completed their studies before the actual launch of the FMVA® final exam.

Learn how to take a final exam here.

How to Unlock the FMVA Final Exam

To unlock the FMVA final exam, please ensure you complete all required courses by clicking the complete and continue button on the bottom right of the page. Every lesson and module should have a green checkmark beside it.

Next, you can find CFI's honor pledge as one of the final steps before taking the final exam. All checkmarks should be checked in green and you must enter your full legal name before submitting it.

Once the steps above are complete and you're ready, find a quiet place with a stable internet connection and start the exam. There will be a countdown timer counting down from 3 hours.

FMVA Final Exam Checklist

FMVA Final Exam Next Steps

After you pass the exam, there are some optional extra steps that can help you make the most of your hard-earned FMVA certificate.

View + Download the FMVA Certificate

You can retrieve your program certificate by going to My Transcripts and Certificates > Certifications > choose FMVA in the selection menu.

Download your certificate and keep it in a safe place!

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your certificate to become available.

Share Your Certificate on LinkedIn

There's no better feeling than sharing your certificate with colleagues and potential employers to show off your upgraded skills! You can add your certificate to LinkedIn by opening the certificate link and clicking the "Add to my LinkedIn profile" button.

Join our LinkedIn Group

Join CFI's LinkedIn group of over 15,000 like-minded achievers holding the FMVA program certificate.

Order a Printed Certificate (Optional)

You can order a printed certificate to hang on your wall, add to your physical certificate collection, bring it to the office, or do anything you like.

We charge $97 which goes towards the professional printing process and the shipping right to your doorstep almost anywhere in the world.

You can order a printed certificate by scrolling to the bottom of the program page and clicking "Order Physical Certificate."