How to Download Course Files

All the files needed in a course are available for download, which you can access from the left side of the bar on your screen. 

Most downloadable files are under a separate lesson named Download Files

Please see an example below:

Some downloadable files can also be found under the course videos.

At the beginning of each course in the BIDA™ Program, we provide a "Student File" or "Course Files" zip folder for you to download under the module named "Overview of Course Files". To access the files from your downloaded zip folder, please read Microsoft's instructions on unzipping a folder on your PC.

Can I download the video lectures?

While our study materials can be downloaded, the lecture videos are only available online due to copyright infringement issues.

Can I save the downloads to use outside of my courses?

Yes, if you find the download will come in handy for studying, your work, or just want to have it on hand, you can save the files in a safe place on your computer.

Will I be able to access the downloads once my subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to the courses and cannot download the files. However, the files you saved on your computer during your active subscription will remain accessible if you have not deleted them.

What to do if the files won't download?

If the files are not downloading, please follow these troubleshooting steps.

Also, ensure you have enough space on your computer for the size of the files being downloaded.

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