Downloading Course Files

All of the files needed in a course are available for download, which you can access from the left side of the bar on your screen. 

Most downloadable files are under a separate lesson named Download Files

Please see an example below:

There are lessons that may include both the video lecture and a downloadable file. Where this is the case, the course lesson will show as a video lesson on the left-hand side, but it will be noted in the lecture that it is accompanied by a downloadable file. So, just scroll over to download the file!

At the beginning of each course in the BIDA™ Program, we provide a "Student File" or "Course Files" zip folder for you to download under the module named "Overview of Course Files". To access the files from the zip folder you've downloaded, please read Microsoft's instructions on unzipping a folder on your PC.

Can I download the video lectures?

While our study materials can be downloaded, the lecture videos are only available online due to copyright infringement issues.