Business Essentials Specialization

CFI's Business Essentials Specialization will teach you Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint skills, business communication skills, data visualization skills, and an understanding of corporate strategy. Whether you’re an analyst, salesperson, consultant, or manager, these courses will prepare you for the next step in your career.

The article below contains the following information about CFI's Business Essentials Specialization:

Skills You'll Gain

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Business Communication, Data Visualization, Strategy, Ethics, and more

The Business Essentials Specialization is great for early career professionals, career changes, and generalist tracks across many industries.

To enroll in the BE Specialization Program, you must have an active Self-Study or Full-Immersion Subscription. Click here to review and select the subscription that best suits your needs!

No additional fees are required to earn your certification once you've enrolled.

Business Essentials Specialization Requirements

Please click here and select "How it Works" to learn more about earning your Business Essentials Specialization requirements.

  • Step 1: Complete all required coursework.
  • Step 2: Sign the CFI Honor Pledge. Program candidates must sign and abide by the CFI Honor Pledge to receive and maintain program certification. Failure to abide by the CFI Honor Pledge will result in the revocation of one's certificates.
  • Step 3 (optional): View and download your online certificate & student transcript.

Duration & Delivery

Lectures, study materials, and exams are all online and accessible worldwide, allowing the program to be completed anytime on a self-paced timeline. 

The estimated time required to complete the Business Essentials Specialization is 40-50 hours.

Improve Your Skills & Advance Your Career

CFI's Business Essentials Specialization is designed to round out your skill set, covering everything from Excel, PowerPoint, and PitchBook to data visualization to corporate strategy. Career paths include:

  • Sales: Improve your communication and presentation skills to develop better client pitches and win more business.
  • Relationship Management: Communicate more effectively with clients and be more efficient in delivering presentations and reports.
  • Consulting & Advising: Master spreadsheet functionality; design and deliver better presentations and written reports.
  • Business Analysis: Work with data more effectively to identify trends and actionable insights.
  • People Management: Improve your understanding of business strategy and the role of ethical decision-making in your organization.
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