New Dashboard - Getting Started

Now that you have registered to CFI training, it's time to get familiar with your student dashboard! 

In this article, we will introduce you to the sections and features of your CFI Student Dashboard:

  • Dashboard - includes an overview of the certification programs available, as well as the option to view the list of prep, core, elective courses
  • My Coursesin here you will find the list of all the courses we offer, the courses you are currently on, as well as the courses/programs you have already completed
  • Skills Practicetake some of our skills assessments to check for your readiness. This section also includes additional case studies and premium templates for Full Immersion students
  • My Career - view available resources that we offer that we believe will help you succeed as a financial analyst 
  • Integrations - Full Immersion students can request for their free trial access on the system integration included in their bundle
  • Supportview our Help Center articles and find answers to most frequently asked questions. This section also includes access to premium email support with our Program Specialists - an exclusive feature for Full Immersion students


Your dashboard section is the first page you will land on upon successful login. You dashboard gives you a quick view of the programs and specialization bundles you are enrolled in, newly launched courses, your achievements, engagements, as well as additional resources.

You can start your chosen program/bundle here by clicking on 'Start Program' or 'Start Bundle'. This will direct you to the first course in the chosen program/bundle straight away.

You also have the option to choose a specific course you want to begin with, just click on the program name and it will load the program's page that shows your overall program progress, the steps in earning the certifications, and the list of included courses of the program, as well as the level of difficulty and the progress for each course, too!



This section includes the list of all the courses that we currently offer. You can filter this by course name, bundles, or programs.


In this view, you can sort the courses according to Category, Program, or Level of Difficulty. Just click on Start/Resume Course to proceed with your training.

Note: If you have already completed the course and would like to retake, you can do so by clicking on the course name and click 'Resume Course'


This section filters the specialization bundles that we currently offer. 

Under the Continue Learning section, you will see the bundles that you are in progress of, while the Completed Learning section will show the bundle that you have already completed.


The Continue Learning section gives you the list of programs you are enrolled in but have not finished yet, while the Completed Learning section views the program(s) you are already certified at.


As you are taking on a course, you are free to take notes of the topics discussed. Your dashboard is designed to add notes for each lesson and these notes are saved for your easy reference. You can go back to all your notes directly from this section.


This section provides list of all courses you have successfully completed, the assessment score you got, the date you completed the course, number of attempts, and the link to your digital certificate of completion, as well as certificates to claim CPE credits from this section. 

You can filter the certificates by course name, or by program. You can also download your transcript here: just click on 'Download Transcript' on the upper-right section



This section includes a couple of assessments we have created to check your skill level in each subject category to help test how ready you are for CFI's courses and programs.


We have created case studies to help put learning into practice by working through our database of guided case studies. This section includes the list of all available case studies available per program; just click on Download Case.


*This section is only accessible to Full-Immersion students.*

Students enrolled in the Full Immersion bundle can take advantage of exclusive real-world cases, similar to our Amazon case study. Bonus case studies allow users to create complex financial models and compare results with completed models. 

Please click here for more information on bonus case studies and premium templates. 


This section includes available resources that we offer that we believe will help you succeed as a financial analyst. You can click on the following links to know more about these resources:  FinMo Competition, Job Board Adding Certificate to LinkedIn

*This section is only accessible to students who are enrolled in the Full Immersion bundle.*

You can obtain a comprehensive review of your résumé from one of our in-house financial analysts. Just fill up the required fields on this section and receive honest feedback on your skills and expertise from experts that know the industry. 


*This section is only accessible to students who are enrolled in the Full Immersion bundle.*

We have added several free bonus integrations in the Full Immersion Bundle/Plan. You can click here for more information.


This section provides you a direct link to our Help Center Library to answer most frequently asked questions. 

Full Immersion students can also request for a one-on-one email feedback from our qualified financial analysts through the Financial Model Feedback and Ask a Question sections. You can click here for additional information on the said features.